Vendor: Gilbarco Inc.

Gilbarco Flexpay Horizon-2

Gilbarco Inc.

Certified: 9th January 2020 / Reassessment Missed: 9th January 2023 / Certified Until: 9th January 2026

Hardware Identification PIN entry unit: VGD 5.x AFD UPM (Model M13039) Hybrid Card Reader unit: Gilbarco M7 Motorized Reader PCI:4.x REV C00 (Sankyo ICT3K7) Contactless Card Reader unit: VeriFone UX 410 Contactless Card Reader (M14489A001)
Software Version PED: VGD.005D.03101.50002.1501F.01XX001 Cardreader: VFI unified FW version: OS_release-30470400-3.0.2-PCI1501.01, VIPA_R_6.5.4.2 Gilbarco M7 Motorized Reader PCI:4.x firmware as internal part of the PED Firmware: RU0220 Verifone UX410 firmware: 6542-30470400