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Verifone e280

Verifone Ltd

Certified: 7th January 2020 / Reassessment Missed: 7th January 2023 / Certified Until: 7th January 2026

Hardware Identification e280: H455-07-30-0NX-X0-B0 e280 Touch, H455-07-30-0NX-X1-B0 e280 Touch e280s: H455-07-30-0NX-X5-B0 e280 Scanner e280 DB: H455-07-31-0Nx-01-B0 (e280 Dual Band)
Software Version Vault: 8.x.x, 10.x.x AppM: 12.x.x, 14.x.x VFSRED:, VFOP: 1.x.x, 2.x.x

XAC xCL_AT-150 / XAC xCL_AT-170

XAC Automation Corp

Certified: 12th March 2019 / Reassessment Missed: 12th March 2022 / Certified Until: 12th March 2025

XAC xCL_AT-150
Hardware Identification xCL_AT-150: A-18-xx8-xx10B-x84, A-18-xx8-xx10B-x94
Software Version xCL_AT-150: 3651100x
XAC xCL_AT-170
Hardware Identification xCL_AT-170: A-18-xxH-xx10B-x94
Software Version xCL_AT-170: 3650100x

Ingenico Axium D7

Ingenico UK Ltd

Certified: 30th July 2019 / Reassessment Missed: 30th July 2022 / Certified Until: 30th July 2025

Hardware Identification AXID7DA, AXID7DB
Software Version 820560v01.xx (SRED Mandatory), 820562v01.xx (SRED Optional), 820562v11.xx (SRED Optional)

PAX IM300/IM500/IM700


Certified: 14th December 2021 / Reassessment By: 14th December 2024 / Certified Until: 14th December 2027

Hardware Identification IM300-xxx-0x5-0xxx (IM300), IM500-x50-xx0, IM500-x50-xx1, IM500-x50-xx2 (IM500), IM700-x51-xxx (IM700)
Software Version 15.00.xx xxxx

Ingenico Lane/7000

Ingenico UK Ltd

Certified: 20th December 2018 / Reassessment Missed: 20th December 2021 / Certified Until: 20th December 2024

Config 1
Hardware Identification LAN70AB
Software Version 820547v01.xx, 820376v01.xx (Security schemes), 820549v01.xx or 820556v01.xx (SRED), 820548.v02.xx or 820548v03.xx (OP)
Config 2
Hardware Identification LAN70AB
Software Version 820547v01.xx, 820376v01.xx (Security schemes), 820548.v02.xx or 820548v03.xx (OP)

Fiserv Clover Mini (C302E, Enterprise C303E and Station Pro Terminal C503E)


Certified: 22nd August 2019 / Reassessment Missed: 22nd August 2022 / Certified Until: 22nd August 2025

Hardware Identification 3.xx
Software Version 02.xx.xxxx 02.xx.xxxx (01.xxxxx)
Hardware Identification 4.xx
Software Version 02.xx.xxxx 02.xx.xxxx (01.xxxxx)

Verifone Carbon Mobile 5

Verifone Ltd

Certified: 18th April 2019 / Reassessment Missed: 18th April 2022 / Certified Until: 18th April 2025

Carbon Mobile 5
Hardware Identification H275-07-70-0NX-X0-B0, H275-07-70-0NX-X4-B0, H275-07-30-0NX-X0-B0, H275-07-30-0NX-X4-B0
Software Version Android: 1.x.x, SRED:, Vault: 8.x.x, App manager: 12.x.x
Carbon Mobile 5 with Printer
Hardware Identification H275-07-70-0NX-X1-B0, H275-07-70-0NX-X5-B0, H275-07-30-0NX-X1-B0, H275-07-30-0NX-X5-B0
Software Version Android: 1.x.x, SRED:, Vault: 8.x.x, App manager: 12.x.x

Quest UT430


Certified: 30th April 2019 / Reassessment Missed: 30th April 2022 / Certified Until: 30th April 2025

Hardware Identification 800-0050-1x
Software Version Rapid OS 08.xx.yy



Certified: 9th March 2023 / Reassessment By: 9th March 2026 / Certified Until: 9th March 2029

Hardware Identification cVEND PIN: FE972-x-1.0
Software Version cVEND PIN: pS02.05.xx-xx.xx-x-x
Hardware Identification SHCR 862 SR: 862-SR HW
Software Version SHCR 862 SR: 02.xx

Miura M010

Miura Systems Ltd

Certified: 4th April 2022 / Reassessment By: 4th April 2025 / Certified Until: 4th April 2028

Hardware Identification M010-PRODxxx-V3-x
Software Version M000-OS-V9-x